Let’s Get Med!

“Another medical blog—again?”

Well, it is a medical-related blog, undeniably…but…whether it is another medical blog, it is up to YOU.

Yup, in this blog, you’ll be the author, in fact, anyone can be an author of this blog.


What’s so special about this? How can a multiple-author blog be special?

We “personalize” it .

Instead of the one-way medical article posting, we would like to invite you to share your personal experience with us, making this blog more dynamical and diversified.


Try to imagine :

You witnessed a difficult labour, a mother running around the ward to ask for blood donation for her son or something a handicapped kid did that made you think deeply…these experiences are worth sharing and they do inspire.

So, what else you can share here?

1. medical stories, jokes & quotes

2. another medical blogs,duh (preferably selected posts)

3.  experiences, advices (to friends & juniors), discoveries (better techniques,perhaps),  soul-searching

4. organizing trips/gatherings/shelter home visits or joining some medical activities

5. conferences

6. electives, recommendations

7. mnemonics, books (or download sites), etc

There are more you can contribute, not just from the list. Anyway, this is an informally formal blog and you should enjoy writing it your way.

Your suggestions & comments would help greatly in improving this blog, so, do “conteng”  some constructive comments here.


Now, we need someone to start the ball rolling.  It starts with you!

* WordPress  supports multiple authors, the way to do it is yet to be figured out, at the mean time,have a look at http://www.wordpressmax.com/wordpress-guide/multiple-authors.


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