Neuroanatomy StereoAtlas (Software)

Neuroanatomy – 3D-Stereoscopic Atlas of the Human Brain

An atlas suitable for 2nd year medical students & 1st year dental students.

It shows human brain from various angles,views & surfaces, certain  images can even be viewed from any angle you like by moving your cursor over it.

Besides,  it is separated into different chapters & systems. What’s interesting is that it dissects the brain in a lego-like way, enabling us to view the different parts individually, which is not commonly seen (if possible) by dissecting real brains.

Below are the links to the downloading sites:


1. download all 4 parts into a folder. (They are completely free & virus-free)

2. use winrar or 7-zip to extract all 4 parts together.

3. click on the Stereoatlas icon & it’s ready for use.

*this short review is from my 5-minute trial of this software, perhaps there are some features I missed)

(This is certainly illegal & this post shall be deleted soon. So, I invite you to come & share your original posts here. Let’s get the ball rolling, go for originals)


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