Baktisiswa Sarawak 2010 Car Wash Fund Raising Campaign

Baktisiswa is a project to serve the community, communicate with villagers as well as impart our knowledge of basic healthcare. This year Baktisiswa will be held in Sibu, Sarawak. This is done annually, consisting of Phase 2 students.  This project will take us to a somewhat rural village, and there, we will conduct some basic health check ups as well as ‘gotong-royong’s, several basic life-saving demonstrations ie CPR and many more. As this project involves quite a big sum of expenditure, this is why we are collecting parts of the fund via sponsorships, selling medical books, various campaigns etc. Car wash is also one of the ways where we raise fund for the project.

Details of the car wash fund raising campaign are as followed:
Date : Saturday (20 Mac 2010) – Monday (22 Mac 2010)
Location : Jalan Gasing, Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI), Universiti Malaya

So please do support this car wash fund raising campaign as your contribution will help make the Baktisiswa Sarawak 2010 a success.


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