Baktisiswa Sarawak 2010

Well, its that time of the year again: Time for Baktisiswa.I guess some of you must be wondering what Baktisiswa is all about. Well, in short, Baktisiswa is a program where we “Mahasiswa & Mahasiswi” from the MBBS program of University of Malaya go to a rural “kampung” and provide medical services to the villagers there. We usually organise free medical ckeck-ups, provide free medicine, have ‘gotong-royong’s, provide several basic life-saving demonstrations ie CPR, organise health talks and many more.

The objectives of Baktisiswa is:

  • To observe and evaluate the health system of rural society concerned with disease, food, health and health knowledge.
  • To expose medical students to the way of life in rural areas so that they will know and realise their responsibilities in the future.
  • To give health support to the residents of rural areas so that their health status may be increased.
  • To learn about the culture of the bumiputeras of Sarawak in addition to encouragin integration and unity among the races.
  • To guide the students in the rural areas so that they will achieve academic excellence.
  • To present a picture of the life of medical students of University Malaya and thus motivate the students.
  • To analyse problems and deficiencies in the rural area and try to obtain help from the respective bodies to solve the problems.

However, to do all these, we will need a substantial amount of money. To raise funds for Baktisiswa this year, we have planned some fund-raising activities such as organising a car-wash, selling medical books and lab-coats, getting some corporate sponsorship and others.

As I mentioned above, organising a car-wash is one of the methods we choose to raise funds for Baktisiswa this year. Details on the car wash are as follows:

Date : Saturday (20 Mac 2010) – Monday (22 Mac 2010)
Location : Jalan Gasing, Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI), Bangsar, Petaling Jaya and Universiti Malaya

The theme for Baktisiswa this year is Turning Compassion into Action :Food steps towards a Healthy You. Catchy huh??? I know that a lot of you may think that there is a typo in the spelling of the theme. But you are all wrong actually. We choose the theme FooD Steps towards a Healthy You as we know that the food that we consume can determine our health. Healthy eating will lead towards a Healthy You.

Here’s some pictures from the previous Baktisiswa…


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