Be A Part of The Pacemaker

Ever wanted to be part of a magazine committee? Here’s your chance! Grab this opportunity as it doesn’t knock twice on your door 🙂  

Timbalan Setiausaha

Penolong Pengarah (PP):
PP Bahagian Penyuntingan
PP Bahagian Penerbitan
PP Bahagian Fotografi & Reka Grafik
PP Bahagian Sumber Bahan & Karya

Ahli Jawatankuasa (AJK):
AJK Bahagian Penyuntingan (3 org)
AJK Bahagian Penerbitan (2 org)
AJK Bahagian Fotografi & Reka Grafik (2 org)
AJK Bahagian Sumber Bahan & Karya (10 org)

Pls contact Kuga / Hui Yin / Jasmine (me) for further information. Thanks 😀


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