Physiology Treasure Hunt 2011

On 26th Mac 2011 in Faculty of Medicine and the compound of Avicenna Residential College, Physiology Treasure Hunt celebrated its 2 year old anniversary after it was inaugurally held in the year 2010. The idea of turning physiology questions into treasure hunt games principally has to do with dear Professor H.M. Cheng, a professor of Physiology of Universiti Malaya, writer of several well-knowned published Physiology textbooks and last but not least, dedicated educator who stir up his fellow students the love for Physiology. This year, our theme is “Phyrate”, a combined term of “physiology” and “pirate”, in hopes that every “Phyrate” who joins the chase can discover the treasure island of knowledge and fun in the ocean of Physiology. “Set sail, Phyyyyyyrate! Ai yai Captain!!!”

A great improvement in this year event is that we are able to have a dental student team and a pharmacy student team joining the quest for physiology treasure apart from the usual participants of MBBS student. Among the challenges we set for the hunt are Letter Hunt, Renal Adventure, Rubber Mania, Passing Signal Game etc. After all the hurdles, the winning team turned out to be the second year MBBS “Chorea” team (Chorea? seriously?! How on earth can they outrun others in choreic movement? ? After all there are certain questions which cannot be explained even with medical knowledges i perhaps ) . The winning team and first two runners-up got to win back home sponsored clinical handbooks from Oxford Publisher. Again, attribution to Prof Cheng for he helped us a lot in contacting the prize sponsor. In all, the event is a success thanks to the supports from helpers and fellow committee members. It is heartwarming when the participants were giving positive feedback.

Captain Jack Sparrow has once said, “Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate.” I could not agree more to the Captain’s quote. To add to this, there is no silver or gold which is more valuable than the fun of learning new knowledge. Having said so, see you next year, the much anticipated Physiology Treasure Hunt 3! As the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” has its sequels, I would expect the same from Physiology Treasure Hunt 😀

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By CK Kiew


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