Baktisiswa Sabah 2011

What is Baktisiswa you ask?? Well, in short, Baktisiswa is a program where we “Mahasiswa & Mahasiswi” from the MBBS program of University of Malaya go to a somewhat rural “kampung” and offer medical services to the villagers there.

This year Baktisiswa will be held in Kampung Lobong-Lobong, Kota Belud, Sabah from the 1st till the 6th of July. We are offering free medical check-ups, provide free medicine, have ‘gotong-royong’s, exhibition on health and hygiene, first aid demonstration, “Keluarga Angkat” Programme, sports and the list goes on.. Looking forward to it! Let’s all work together to make this experience worthwhile and unforgettable 🙂

Only the greatest project known to mankind! What better way to serve the community, communicate with villagers as well as impart our knowledge of basic healthcare! How exciting! Well that is the gist of it.

However, to do all these, we will need a substantial amount of money. RM 60 000!!! To raise funds for Baktisiswa this year, we have planned some fund-raising activities such as organising a car-wash, selling medical books, getting some corporate sponsorship and others.

As I mentioned above, organising a car-wash is one of the methods we choose to raise funds for Baktisiswa this year. So, support us!

We share a love to care and serve!

Those who would like to contribute can contact Lee Qin Zhi at 012-6565 781.

Here’s a glimpse of our previous car-wash!

Cuci kereta 🙂

Making sure it's all clean 🙂


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